Fitness Competition Posing Workshops & Seminars

Dear athletes,

We are delighted to announce Fitness Competition Posing seminars for for bikini, figure, physique, classic physique and bodybuilding. We have joined forces with one of the industries veterans IFBB Pro Fedel Clarke and our official Posing Coach. Together we have formed “Posing with the Pro” OPA sanctioned Fitness Competition Posing seminars

Fedel is one of the most important figures in bodybuilding, an Ontario Physique Association’s (OPA) Ambassador and Judge, Qualified Video Critique, Promoted and host of the Toronto Championships OPA Show and Professional Posing Instructor.

During the Fitness Competition Posing Workshops You Will:

  • Practice posing, get individualized critique and instruction on your posing
  • Posing requirements for any new categories!
  • Learn exactly what to expect the day of the show
  • Walk through multiple mock-judging scenarios
  • Discover latest updates on OPA’s posing requirements & what judges expect from you on stage
  • Learn about stage presence, and get guidance on tanning, hair and makeup (ladies)
  • Get familiar with the most common mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Have plenty of time for Q&A

Please note all the listed Fitness Competition Posing seminars are for those doing OPA shows only, if you are participating with an another organizations or for private posing sessions please contact us.

Ana & Ivan

Posing Seminars (Bikini, Figure, Physique & Bodybuilding)

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