“Our mission is to introduce health and fitness into women’s lives, and empower them to not only build a beautiful body, but to create a positive self-image and feel confident from inside out.”


Build My Body Beautiful brings together the disciplines of sports psychology, fitness training and nutrition to enable women to look and feel their absolute best, from inside and out. It’s not only about fitness, but also empowerment, inner strength, confidence and a fabulous body to go with it!

This unique range of services achieves an understanding of the psychology of motivation and success; especially with weight control and attaining the highest level of fitness and sports performance. It’s about exploring the emotions, needs and obstacles that a woman faces; finding time for self, balancing friends, family and work life and overcoming fears of getting started. Understanding these truly personal elements is the first step in developing the individualized programs to build a beautiful body, positive self-image and control over your life.

Build My Body Beautiful Team


Founder of Build My Body Beautiful
Award Winning Fitness Competitor
Fitness Author
Personal Trainer/Nutrition/Competition Coach

Certified Personal Trainer Specialist (Can-Fit Pro)
Certified Bootcamp Instructor (Bootcamp University)
Certified in Advanced Sports Nutrition (ICS)

Certificate in Bodybuilding Contest Preparation (International Academy of Physique Conditioning)

Certified Hypnotherapist (Specializing in Fitness Performance, Weight Management & Addictions)
Martial Arts Instructor (15+ years training in Muay Thai, Kickboxing & Karate)
Karate Black Belt (Shotokan)
Award Winning Fitness Model & Figure Competitor
CPR/First Aid Certified
University of Western Ontario: Honours Degree in Business; Minor Degree in Psychology


About ANA

“Take care of your body, your mind and your spirit and everything else will fall into place. Make your own health and happiness your number one priority, because only then you truly take care of and make others in your life happy.”

Ana Plenter Build My Body Beautiful

Ana has a unique background in fitness, hypnotherapy and working in various leadership roles in the corporate environment. This gives her outstanding qualifications on the subject of fitness, overall wellness and how to motivate others to achieve success. Since a young age and during her time working in executive management, she has been passionate about helping women reach their fitness, personal and professional goals.

She is the founder of Build My Body Beautiful, and a co-founder of The Social Woman – a community for Canadian women to socialize, network with other women in their city, and attend social events.

She created Build My Body Beautiful with the purpose of helping women build self-confidence through fitness. She started The Social Woman with a friend due to a personal desire to expand her own social network and meet new friends during a period she lived in Montreal.

After many years of working as a marketing professional and running The Social Woman part time, Ana finally made a decision to follow her dream and pursue a full time career in her passion of helping and connecting people and fitness.

Ana has an Honors Degree in Business from University of Western Ontario, and has completed a minor in Psychology. She is a professional Certified Personal Training Specialist, and a Certified Bootcamp Instructor. She holds a black belt in karate and has over 15 years experience in martial arts, including kickboxing. Ana is an award winning fitness competitor and coach and has placed top three with various organizations: IDFA (International Drug Free Athletics Association) and OPA (Ontario Physique Association).

Ana got her Professional Consulting Hypnotist Certification at the Hypno Healing Institute and is a student of Debbie Papadakis – one of the nation’s leading hypnotherapist, who has been featured in Oprah’s books and magazines, Elle Magazine, and Toronto Sun (to name a few).
In 2012 Ana received a Recognition of Excellence from the Continental Who is Who – an exclusive registry of professionals and executives who have demonstrated outstanding leadership and achievement in their occupation, industry or profession. She is a full member in good standing of The National Guild of Hypnotists and Can-Fit Pro and follows the NGH & CanFitPro of Ethics and Standards of Practice.


I have been very active since I was very young (I got my black belt in karate in my teens and spent many years in gymnastics, Muay Thai and kickboxing). However, I really became interested in fitness after I experienced first hand what happened to my body after just six months of being inactive. Half way through my first year of university (and not working out at all), I gained over 25 lbs.

My confidence, body image and self-esteem left me feeling depressed and helpless. I started going on fad diets, off and on exercise regimes, only to lose a few pounds and gain more back. Finally after two years of this battle, and “playing” in a gym, I finally hired a personal trainer to help me.

My life changed. My trainer believed in me, supported me, coached me through hard times and taught me proper training for my body. My confidence grew, I learned to love my body and I achieved a physique I never thought I could have.

Training and proper nutrition became a regular part of my everyday life. Forever grateful for conquering my weight and self-image battle, and taking my fitness beyond imaginable limits, I was inspired to help others achieve their goals. I dedicated myself to learning everything I could about fitness and nutrition and mastering the art of understanding the human body.

I became certified as personal trainer, a fitness trainer and a bootcamp instructor and started working with clients both on a one-on-one basis and through teaching classes.


I spent many years working in the corporate world as a marketing professional and doing personal training, teaching kickboxing and running social events for women part time. While I enjoyed my full time career, I always looked forward to the evenings and weekends to see my training clients, watch them transform their bodies and see the shift in their overall happiness and attitude.

I finally made a decision to dedicate myself and pursue my passion for fitness and helping other people, so I left my job as a marketing director and began focusing on Build My Body Beautiful full time. When I created Build My Body Beautiful, I wanted to take it beyond just fitness training and approach fitness from a holistic point of view, bringing together all the principles I had learned. I wanted to work with women, because I felt I could relate to what it’s like to deal with all the expectations from being a woman today.

A woman is expected to be: independent, but not too intimidating; social, but always make time for family; a career woman, but also head of the home; always look great, but never look like she is trying too hard; and of course she is always expected to keep it together. So I created programs that will not only help women lose weight and get fit, but empower them, build their self-confidence and create a better self-image so they can succeed in many other areas of their life. I also wanted to maintain a comfortable, social environment by running group training and monthly social events where women can help, motivate and inspire each other as well as expand their own networks.

Today there are over 1500 members in The Social Woman across Canada and I have met many of them through the social events, my boot camp classes, as well as one-on-one training. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to do what I love and help change people’s lives for the better.


Senior Coach at Build My Body Beautiful
Award Winning Bikini Competitor
Registered Dietitian
Personal Trainer/Boot Camp Instructor

Certified Personal Trainer Specialist (Can-Fit Pro)
Registered Dietitian, MHSc
Masters Degree in Health Science and Nutrition Communication
Culinary Certificate from Liaison College
Award Winning Bikini Model with Ontario Physique Association
CPR/First Aid Certified



“Your mind is the most powerful tool you possess. Once your mind is fine-tuned for success, only then you will achieve what you wish. Decide what you want, work towards it and disregard how hard it seems at the moment. Great things takes time to achieve, but it so worth it!”

Alysha proves that you can come from a point of being ill to reach any goal you truly set your mind to, overcoming physical barriers and proving to herself and others she could do it. To most who have met her, they do not realize all her struggles with health problems she has dealt with to now be a provincially qualified OPA athlete, registered dietitian, personal trainer, a high fashion model and motivational coach.

dietitian torontoAly received her Bachelors of Applied Science in Human Nutrition at the University of Guelph accredited by the Dietitians of Canada. She graduated at the top of her class, being awarded with academic scholarships to pursue post graduate studies. At Ryerson University, she completed a Masters of Health Science in Nutrition Communication with an integrated dietetic internship to become a registered dietitian. Over the years, she has gained experience working with diabetes, cardiovascular disease, Celiac Disease, IBS, IBD, weight loss, muscle gain, sports performance, family meal planning, menu planning, mental health and more. Aly has helped many individuals reach their nutrition and fitness goals through integrating her expertise as both a dietitian and personal trainer. She has also obtained culinary training at Liaison College in Oshawa.

Alysha has always been interested in helping people from a young age. Growing up, she found herself frequently in the kitchen, intrigued by food and how it made people feel. However, she was not aware of the world of nutrition and health promotion until she encountered her own health problems in high school.

During this time, she got diagnosed with Celiac disease, Intractable Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Melanosis Coli and Ischemic Colitis. Struggling at an all-time low weight she was referred to a dietitian to aid in re-nourishment by developing a dietary to attempt to regain weight without success. This interaction fueled her desire to enter the profession and learn more to help other women achieve health. Later in her university undergraduate degree, she discovered fitness and began lifting weights after encouragement from classmates and instantly fell in love. This new part of her life fueled her to get back involved various athletic activities and obtained her personal training certification. Shortly after moving to Toronto to pursue her master’s degree at Ryerson University she decided she wanted to see how far she could go with her progression with fitness and decided to compete at a regional fitness show.

registered dietitian

As a previous competitive swimmer, basketball player and athlete growing up and in high school, the urge to compete made the progression into the training and competition world quite seamless with the mentality already established. Given all the continuous chronic health problems she dealt with, competition prep took a lot of trial, experimentation and patience, but mental dedication and the nutritional know-how helped her reaching her goal in competing in two Ontario Physique Association competitions, placing top 5 and qualifying to continue competing at higher level contests.

Alysha lives by a personal mission to use her optimism, charisma and intelligence to positively influence others, acting as a trustworthy mentor to help support them with progressing to their goals. By translating and delivering high quality, evidence-based nutrition information she wishes to empower individual clients and groups, promoting optimal physical performance, lifestyle and nutrition care. Proving that any barrier can be overcome, she wishes to help and inspire others to reach their goals.


Senior Coach at Build My Body Beautiful
Celebrity Trainer
Semi-Pro Basketball Player
Running & Sports Performance Coach
Contest Prep & Body Transformation Specialist

Exercise Science: Personal Training & Nutrition (Palm Beach State Collage – Florida)
Personal Training Specialist (ISSA )
Personal Trainer (CAN-FIT-PRO)

Personal Training Specialist (IFA)
Bootcamp & Aerobic Instructor (CAN-FIT-PRO)

M.A.T Jumpstart Lower Body (M.A.T)
CPR/First Aid Certified


About AL

“No citizen has a right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training what a disgrace it is for a man to grow old without ever seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.”

AL has been actively implementing and validating his fitness knowledge and experience for one and a half decades, more precisely since 2003 when he began working part-time as a personal trainer at the original Planet Fitness location in West Palm Beach. During his assistant college basketball coach career, he was a member of the youngest women’s coaching staff to lead a team to the Southern Conference Title. He was working with winning athletes as a strength coach where he gained extensive experience pushing individuals to achieve their goals and test their limits. He was also a semi-pro basketball player in Europe. After finishing school AL moved to Toronto in 2005 where he continued his training career in the King West area at the boutique health club, Diesel Fitness. He eventually became the club’s head trainer and a partner of the company. As the film industry in Toronto grew AL has worked with a number of celebrities while also working with award-winning bodybuilders and figure competitors.

In his work he applies all the acquired skills, and participates in it and dedicates himself fully, resulting in a special, comprehensive technique, in which many clients have been assured.

He perceived his profession as a kind of help to people, and he found himself in there. An adequate approach to each client, the needs of each individual, is achieved due to all he has gained and learned by personal upgrading in various fields of fitness as a profession. Various programs allow multiple points of access while mastering many programs as well as continuous learning, AL has unexpectedly invested in himself, and he has become a trainer who greatly differs and stands out from others. In addition to the great experience, education, and love of the call, as a trainer, he also points out the importance of nutrition, so each program complements nutrition advice and recommendations.


Coach at Build My Body Beautiful
Award Winning Bikini Competitor
Personal Trainer/Boot Camp Instructor

Canfitpro Personal Training Specialist Certification
CPR-First Aid Certificate
Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification
Kettlebell Level 1 Certification
Pre & Post Natal Certification



“A river cuts through rock, not because of its power, but because of its persistence. Nothing significant in life happens by itself, the most challenging roads lead us to the most wonderful places.”

Kaylee Swiergosz is a certified personal trainer, a national level fitness competitor and a self-proclaimed self development addict. She has spent the past 5 years learning and practicing natural, holistic, healthy and sustainable ways to transform her body, mind and soul. Kaylee enjoys advancing her extensive practical knowledge base and formal education by participating regularly in workshops and certification courses. 

Kaylee’s experiences and triumphs in her health and wellness journey sparked a passion to help others make the shift to unlock their own potential. She believes that through a balanced diet, determination and regular physical fitness that a powerful and resilient body and soul are attainable; that we are powerful beyond measure and it is possible to achieve any goal we set out for ourselves! Be prepared for a truly unique and holistic fitness experience with Kaylee as your trainer! You will leave each session feeling empowered and one step closer to your health and fitness goals.



Senior Coach at Build My Body Beautiful
Personal Trainer/Rehab Specialist

Certified Personal Trainer Specialist (CPTN)
Certified FPM Specialist (BBTS)
Certified FPM Specialist (BWTS)
Masters Degree of Science
CPR/First Aid Certified


About Natalia

“Your mind is the most powerful tool you possess. Once your mind is fine-tuned for success, only then you will achieve what you wish. Decide what you want, work towards it and disregard how hard it seems at the moment. Great things takes time to achieve, but it so worth it!”

Every body performs an exercise differently, bio mechanically. There is a belief that the exercise itself will perform the function, but this is a bit of a fallacy. A personal trainer must always cater the exercise to his client’s body type. Form correction is thus body correction. You have to get better at something before you can get better from it.

For me, the first philosophy of training should be learning. “A personal trainer is a teacher. You can teach a muscle to learn.”

The most important quality a personal trainer must have, in my mind, is professionalism.
“Professionalism encompasses knowledge, motivational ability, and passion for what they do”.

Growing up in Russia, in early childhood Natalia was diagnosed with a weak heart. She spent much of her childhood in and out of hospitals. Skinny and weak, she was not allowed to play sports for four years for fear of aggravating her condition. She had to watch other kids go outside, play and have fun while she was always cautioned it was not good for her to do the same. After many years living this life, she started to rebel. She started sneaking out to play with the other kids and over time, proved to her parents that she was still ok. In high school, she continued with her physical education activities and was selected for track and field tryouts where she excelled and became a track and field athlete earning top awards for her school in endurance running. All that from a weak and skinny girl as a child that would not give in to her condition. Proof for her that regular training could change her life!

After high school, Natalia went on to complete studies in a Moscow academy where she earned a Masters in Chemistry. Life took a hectic pace after that. She married, had two boys and learned all about being a young mother in Eastern Europe in the changing times of the early 90’s. No stranger to embracing change, Natalia went on to live eleven years in Bulgaria where she worked at the Academy of Science. Later, she moved to South Africa (RSA). At this time, the kids were finally old enough and she began training regularly in the gym and doing a lot of activities, very often together with the kids. One day when she was downhill skiing in Europe an accident occurred which left her with several disc herniations and without the use of her right arm for nearly half a year. Having learned early in life that focus and effort can lead to amazing outcomes, she worked to strengthen her back, arm and her body to the point where she eventually regained full use of her arm and was back to being able to train.

After seven years in RSA, she moved to Canada with her family and decided to become a personal trainer. Her own recovery results inspired her to do it and in her mind she did not have any doubts that she wanted to proceed with a fitness trainer career. Seeing the wonders that regular training offered, she wanted to share this with others. To help them achieve their goals, as she had achieved hers. The club in Toronto she started with had a variety of trainers, but there was one group that were special. Fitness competitors and body builders. Some of the best talent in Canada. She saw in them a focus and dedication that drew her to working closer with them. They knew so much and she was hungry to learn. Not that she didn’t know, but there is much in the details about form and technique, and learning those matters. If you do it right the body responds. She is truly fascinated with the desire to learn and understand the “How” and “Why” of the body.

Natalia has been working as a Personal Trainer in the industry since 2003. She has an impressive background in fat loss, strength training techniques and programming. She also has exclusive training in techniques to improve core strength, postural corrections, flexibility and mobility as well as injury prevention. When you work with Natalia you are under exceptional care and she ensures each client is being educated about movements and their body.

Natalia keeps things simple. If you put your mind to it, you can achieve your goals. Outside of work, Natalia still spends much of her time working out. While not inside and when the weather is good, you will find her on her road bike exploring Ontario.


Coach at Build My Body Beautiful
Personal Trainer/Bootcamp Instructor

Certified Personal Trainer Specialist (CANFITPRO)
Certified Healthy Eating and Weight Loss Coach (CANFITPRO)
Certified C.O.R.E. (RAB)
Certified Massage Therapist (Sutherland-Chan)
CPR/First Aid Certified


As a young girl, Lisa did not always make the best lifestyle choices. She was unaware of the relationship that food had on the body and mind, and was not motivated to work out or participate in sports due to awful coordination. As a result, Lisa was overweight and lacked self-confidence. It was when Lisa turned 16 that she decided to change her bad habits, not only to look better, but to become stronger, have better endurance, and hopefully gain a better outlook on life altogether. Lisa did her own research and began cooking and preparing her own meals, and developed a workout plan – starting with workout DVDs and progressing to weights and boot camp classes at the gym – and as a result lost over 50 pounds, and gained muscle, strength, and stamina. In addition, Lisa built confidence in herself in all aspects of her life. Achieving this goal is what motivated Lisa to want to bring that confidence and self-love to other women, while also helping them achieve weight loss goals.

Lisa went to school at the University of Guelph-Humber and graduated with distinction for Media Studies and Public Relations. While she was in school she trained with the cross-country team, inspired friends to get active, and motivated other gym members to keep up their hard work and dedication by pushing them to find time in their busy schedules or challenging and encouraging them when they hit plateaus. During this time Lisa realized she didn’t want to work in an office, and once she graduated she got her Personal Training Certification through Canfitpro and began taking on one-on-one clients and running boot camp classes at the local gym. Lisa has worked with a diverse range of clients of all ages, with varying fitness goals, including athletes who wanted to cut their race times or needed sport specific training, stay at home mom’s who wanted to do something for themselves, or overweight clients who wanted a complete overhaul. Lisa understands that it isn’t just about making a plan, but about creating a sound and well-rounded fitness program for that individual, in order to drive results while keeping it fun and sustainable.

Two-years ago, Lisa was diagnosed with a severely aggressive form of Ulcerative Colitis. In this time she was not able to move for more than 3-4 hours a day without becoming exhausted or having severe pain. She found solace in doing Hatha yoga and has been an active yogi ever since (now taking on advanced Power, Vinyasa, and Aerial Yoga). At her worst, Lisa was unable to eat most foods and as a result had to relearn how to feed herself under these new restrictions. It was a difficult time, and she lost some muscle mass. However, after a few months of treatment her condition improved, and while Lisa still lives with her illness she has found new ways of feeding her body through obtaining her Healthy Eating & Weight Loss Specialist Certification and working with nutritionists to help understand how her disease impacts her body. In addition, she gained back most of her strength and endurance and regularly participates in half-marathons, CN-tower stair climbs, and other fitness challenges for charity.

Lisa is currently getting her Masters in Philosophy and is a teaching assistant at Ryerson University. In addition, she has recently completed a Massage Therapy course at Sutherland-Chan School of Massage Therapy and hopes to begin training to be a yoga instructor within the year. She understands the importance of striking a work-life balance, and the struggle to stay active with a demanding workload, and the negative effects that stress can put on the body. As such, she strives to stay active and mindful in order to counter those effects, and encourages others, who so often feel they don’t have the time, to make the time and put in the effort for themselves. Lisa truly believes everyone is capable of achieving their fitness goals, and finding self-love, but most importantly, that they deserve it! Her motto? Small steps lead to great strides. So, keep smiling!