“I started with BMBB in early spring this year after a year-long hiatus from working out. I had done bootcamps before and saw BMBB from a number of different websites that ranked its user experience quite highly. I walked into class thinking it’ll be another standard bootcamp class. While the exercises were familiar, the camaraderie and atmosphere was not. Girls were having fun in the class and it was motivating to be in the same room with women coming from all sorts of fitness levels. Don’t get me wrong, I hate stairs to this day but having to do it with the girls in my class made it fun!

Summer came along and I decided to sign up with Ivan for personal training sessions. I had never done personal training before and had no idea what to expect, much less what to do. Ivan is a patient, funny, motivating, and over-all great trainer. He is super flexible and can modify any workout to what you are feeling that day, what you can do, and where you want to be. Together, we had a plan. He would lay out the general structure of the workouts and I, happily, would follow along. He never chided me for the endless complaints/rants I had during our sessions and after only a few weeks, I started feeling even more progress. My strength was improving, my health was getting better, and more importantly, my spirit was happy. I would walk out of every session with Ivan feeling fantastic. He always entertained my love of squats and after being introduced to deadlifts, I was a believer.

I am not a salesperson but I have had my numerous share of health problems. Four years ago, I took regular steroid injections for my arthritis. Earlier this year, I couldn’t walk up a flight of stairs without feeling dizzy and panting. After 6 months with BMBB and Ivan, I walk up and down 6 flights of stairs every day (with no pain at all) and have boundless energy. What’s even more important is after 10 years, I can finally get off the majority of my medications for my health. That, beyond anything a scale or measuring tape can tell me, is what BMBB gave me. It gave me my life back and shown me that I can lead a healthy life.

So thank you, Ivan and Ana, for your uplifting motivations and the endless energy and passion that you bring to classes. If I could rate this beyond the 5 stars, I would.

P.S. I think you should rename your company to “Build My Life, Soul, Body, Beautiful”. Cheesy, yes, but entirely true…”