“I have been in and out of Ana’s bootcamp classes for over two years.  Her classes are never boring, the women are amazing, fun and wonderful (this is not the place to show off your new gym wear – everyone in this class works their ass off) but more importantly, Ana’s classes get results.  i love that her classes are not intimidating.  We sometimes get new girls in our classes and Ana spends quite a bit of time with them making sure that they understand what the movements are and how to do them properly.  This class is non-stop.  My first couple of classes made me nauseous and very very achy, to the point when I can barely go up the stairs.  Don’t be alarmed. It gets better and you get stronger.

I foolishly tried a couple of other bootcamp classes in the City and unfortunately none of them really compare to Ana’s classes, they really are the best.  If you’re  new to bootcamp, don’t be discouraged to try it.  Everyone goes at their own pace and women in this class come in every shape and sizes.  If you stick to it, you will get results – it’s guaranteed.  Some of the women we train with now, I swear you wouldn’t recognize if you saw their before pictures.  

Happy training!”