“Ana and Ivan’s bootcamp classes are truly one of a kind in the city. If you are the kind of a girl or woman who wants to push yourself to the next level, to be really challenged during workouts, to also learn about good nutrition and find what works for you to get the best results, then this is the place for you. I’ve been going to Ana’s bootcamp for a few months, and here are some of the highlights for me:

– The classes are never catered to the ‘lowest common denominator’. They are always challenging, and Ana makes sure that you are pushing yourself as hard as you can

– It’s a great community. Have you been to those fitness classes where participants always change, and even if you see the same people, you barely say hi? Ana’s classes are not like that. Most of the girls sign up over and over again, you get to know everyone, and they are all amazing and motivated people who make you look forward to going to class.

– Ana and Ivan walk the talk. There are too many professionals in the fitness industry who don’t necessarily practice what they preach, and/ or don’t know how to teach what they know to other people. Ana and Ivan know what they are doing, live by those principles, and are great at teachign them, which brings me to my next point…

– Results! You will see them! No matter how stubborn your body has been with letting you see a change, whatever your goal is, BMBB will get you all the information and support you need

– And finally, what I love most about working with Ana, is that she is a genuinely good person who is fun to be around and truly cares about you and your progress. Fitness journey, whatever your goals are, is always uncertain and challenging, and there are slips and pitfalls and emotional challenges and ‘life gets in the way’ kind of days, and it is invaluable to have someone who can guide and support you in that journey.”