Excuses. These limitations that we impose on ourselves are the ones that stop us from achieving anything we want in life. What stops you from doing the job you love, instead of dragging your feet to the same hated office day after day? It doesn’t pay as much. What about eating the food that makes you feel good and healthy? It’s too bland and hard to find. What about having a rocking body and feel confident in your swimming suit? Don’t have the time to spend hours in the gym.

But when you decide to lead an excuse-less lifestyle everything starts working itself out. Just look at this one mom who juggles kids, work and competing at bikini contests. Listen to her talk and hear zero excuses. It does require planning, commitment and dedication, but how else would she be able to make it work? She had established a routine and stuck to it to pursue her goals! It’s not easy, but it definitely worth it.

Her situation is similar to the one of many women, but she chose to achieve her goals. Check out her story in the video below: