Online Fitness Coaching – Custom Workout & Diet Program

Since the COVID-19 Pandemic, many people have had to take a different approach to their daily workouts, and some have given up altogether.  It’s been difficult for many people to even get the motivation to train, since they no longer have access to a gym, their favorite fitness classes, their coach and their workout community.  Many have been left not knowing what to do or overwhelmed and confused by influx of social media workouts.

While at Build My Body Beautiful we have been doing online fitness coaching for over 5 years, it has skyrocketed across the fitness industry during the pandemic to serve the clients’ new needs.

Online Fitness Coaching is a great solution for those who want to get on the right track , are ready to work hard, but need structure and guidance from a personal trainer with their workouts and nutrition to achieve maximum results.

We pride ourselves at providing the most value to our customers, by being thorough with our approach (fitness, nutrition and lifestyle).  Our plans are created to be the most effective and efficient way for you to train at home or at a gym without the physical presence of a coach.

For over a decade we have been working exclusively with women and understand, better than anyone all the nitty-gritty of how the female body responds to diet and exercise. Our expert trainers and nutritionists strive to ensure that our online coaching program is top-of-the-line and meets individual client needs. All training programs and nutrition plans are fully individualized to work with YOUR body and YOUR goals. We take into consideration your experience, access to workout equipment, dietary restrictions, lifestyle and individual differences to come up with a program to  help you achieve YOUR dream body! You will be amazed how your body can change and what your body can do in just a few short weeks!

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online fitness coaching

Our Online Fitness Coaching will help you:

  • Get back on a track and take control of your body!!
  • Lose extra weight and get rid of unwanted body fat
  • Increase lean muscle and look fit and toned all over
  • Learn best workout routines and most effective exercises for your body type
  • Learn a healthy sustainable nutrition approach that will allow you to eat a variety to different foods and stay fit for life
  • Break through plateaus and get fitter, stronger, faster
  • Get ready for your important event like a wedding or vacation
  • Maximize your energy, increase your strength and endurance
  • AND mostly have you feeling VIBRENT and CONFIDENT
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Online Fitness Coaching

What’s Included with Online Fitness Coaching

We are here to help you every step of the way! This program is perfect for those who need a guided approach from a fitness coach.

  • A new custom workouts program each month (at home or at the gym)
  • Easy to use workout and nutrition app with full instructions, notes from your coach and video demo of exercises
  • Flexible Customized Diet Plan created by a Sports Nutritionist
  • Weekly measurements, and photos reviewed by your coach to keep you on track
  • Bi-Weekly (15 min) “checking ins” with your coach to review your progress
  • Adjustments to workouts and diet as needed
  • Body Beautiful Healthy Recipe eBook
  • Body Beautiful Supplement Guide
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What Makes Our Online Coaching Program Unique?

At Build My Body Beautiful, we understand that the journey to attaining a perfect body and maintaining it requires commitment and highly-qualified professionals to guide you. This is why our team endeavours to create exceptional online training programs that are effective and valuable to our clients.

Why our online training program is unique:


One-program-fits-all is an approach that doesn’t work and ends up discouraging many women from undertaking online coaching. Every woman is different and has specific training requirements and goals. Our award-winning trainers and nutritionists understand this, and that’s why they create a detailed coaching program tailored to your particular needs.


If you have a bunch of training videos and no way to communicate directly with a professional trainer, that’s not an effective online training program. One of the most significant parts of our online training program is the weekly communication between our clients and trainers. This helps us track your progress and respond to any questions or concerns that you might have. Our clients can also reach us via email at any time of the week if they have any questions.

At Build My Body Beautiful, we strive to help women live a fit and confident life through personalized and well-articulated training and nutritional programs. Get started with online personal training today and benefit from our extensive programs.

What Are the Benefits of an Online Personal Trainer?

If you work with a professional online personal trainer that is committed to fulfilling your needs, you’ll gain almost all the benefits that you would normally get from in-person training.

Some of the benefits of online coaching include:


With our online personal training, you can integrate your workouts anytime your schedule is open. Whether you’re at work or home, all you need is access to our mobile app, where we send your detailed workout and diet programs. This makes our program perfect for women with a busy lifestyle as they can train whenever the time arises or wherever they are.

Easy Communication

Communication is key in online training. At Build My Body Beautiful, you can communicate with your online personal trainer through WhatsApp (outside Canada), phone call (in Canada), or email. This makes it possible to talk with a professional when you need some motivation, or have questions about your personalized training program.


Rather than booking hourly one-on-one sessions at the gym, which is more expensive, you can do online training. It’s cheaper, and you have access to exquisite training and diet programs at any time of the day without having to pay for each workout session. Through our online personal training programs, the investment in your fitness stretches out longer compared to one-on-one sessions. Although some people may say that cheaper means less quality, our programs are of the highest standards. They’re tailored by award-winning professionals to offer maximum benefits to our clients.

How does Online Personal Training Work?
Getting started is easy, just follow the 3 simple steps below:

Step 1 – Choose Your Program

Our programs are subscription based and each program is done on a monthly basis with a minimum commitment of three months. Simply select the program of your choice below and sign up. We strongly recommend that if you are looking to make changes to your body composition that you select the Online Training+ Diet option, as diet and training truly go hand in hand. After all “Abs are made in the kitchen” and built at the gym. Workouts are modified every 4-5 weeks; Nutrition program is modified on as needed basis.

Step 2 – Give us some info

After you have completed the check out, we will contact you within 24 hours and have you provide us all the necessary information we need to begin your training program. We will ask for various measurements & photos, a lifestyle and fitness questionnaire and of course your goals!

Step 3 – Get Your Program

The follow ups with your coach are done on a weekly basis, via phone (if local) or WhatsApp (outside of Canada). We encourage you to ask any questions you may have anytime via email. We are quick to reply! Once we have all the information from you (completed questionnaire, submitted measurements and photos), your program will be ready within 3-4 business days.


At Build My Body Beautiful, our online training and diet programs are designed to provide the same results as one-on-one sessions. Our online personal trainers keep tabs on you to ensure that you train as required, follow your nutritional intake, and they motivate you to keep going. Of course, client dedication is also key to attaining ideal results.

Online Fitness Coaching & Diet Plan

$349Per Month

Online Contest Prep Coaching

$199916 Weeks

Virtual (live Zoom) Personal Training

$100-$115Per Session

Our online coaching programs are billed on a monthly basis with a minimum commitment of three months.  After three months you may cancel at any time before the next months billing cycle.  To cancel, please contact us and we will process your cancellation within 24 hours. Virtual Personal Training Sessions are purchased in packages of 8, 16, or 24 sessions.

“My mission is to introduce health and fitness into women’s lives, and empower them to lead a healthy lifestyle, create a positive self-image and feel confident from the inside out. Having someone that holds you accountable makes a real difference in online coaching. Accountability pushes you to train and diet as per your program because you know that someone is tracking your progress. It helps you attain desired body goals.”

Ana Plenter, Founder & Award Winning Personal trainer Toronto